The Dock


The Dock is Millwork Commons’ community corridor that serves as a hub for anyone to gather, from public events to visiting the coffee shop to space for meetings.

Grab a drink at Archetype Coffee, chat with a friend, or get into your heads-down work groove. This is also the corridor to access Kros Strain, Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop, Clean Slate Food Co., Hutch, Metro Community College IT Express, Alpaca, Dolomiti Pizzeria (coming soon), Coneflower Creamery (coming soon), Five Points Bank, and more to come!


  • Tables and chairs
  • Long table that seats 14 people
  • 9×16 foot video wall with curated digital art
  • Amphitheater seating for public presentations and gathering


Host a Community Event in the Dock! 

The Dock is a public space within the Ashton building that can be used for public-facing events that support building more collaborative, entrepreneurial, and creative communities. The dock is available at no charge for organizations that meet the following criteria. 

  • The event…
    • is free and open to the public. 
    • is educational, inspirational, or networking focused to connect the tech, entrepreneurial, nonprofit, or arts communities. 
    • falls within Monday – Friday, from the hours of 7:30 am – 6:00 pm. 
    • 50 people or less 
    • does not require furniture rentals. 
    • has minimal to no food/beverage  
    • only uses the footprint of the video wall/felt ceiling
  • Content is not political or religious, but it is public-facing and family-friendly
  • Acknowledgment and understanding that the event cohabitates with the public space, meaning there will be ambient noise, other people meeting and interacting in the space, alongside the coffee shop, tap room, and other cross-traffic of people coming and going.  
  • If alcohol is present, it is the organization’s responsibility to secure a liquor license or work with an approved caterer that will provide one. 

Rent the space to host your own event! 

If your event does not meet the above criteria, you can reserve the space as a venue rental. Just remember, it’s always a fully public space and there will be ambient noise, passthrough traffic, and it cannot be fully closed off for a fully private event. In general, the rate is $150 per hour. Full pricing is available upon inquiry.


Either way, get in touch with us and we’ll help direct you in the best direction for your event!



Events we do not host in the Dock include weddings, graduation parties, political events, and entirely private events (as we cannot fully close off the Dock to the public). All events for The Dock must be approved by the Millwork Commons events team.