A neighborhood known for innovation since the 1880s

The first bricks were laid in the Millwork Commons neighborhood in the 1880s. The area was once a bustling economic hub, housing millworkers and furnituremakers who were the innovators of their time.

Embracing its gritty, industrial roots in Omaha, 140-year-old buildings are now being restored in Millwork Commons to meet the needs of today’s workers and residents and new buildings are being designed that will complement the neighborhood’s historic feel.

As it builds on the energy and momentum of Downtown Omaha, Millwork Commons is quickly becoming one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, blending the authenticity of the city’s industrial roots with the vitality of today’s innovators and creators.

With more than 60 companies and nonprofit organizations located in the repurposed Mastercraft Building, WP Engine (formerly Flywheel), located in the historic Ashton building, Millwork Commons is a hub for tech, art, design, and community growth. The neighborhood also includes distinctive businesses such as Archetype Coffee, Hutch Modern, Kros Strain Draft Works, Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop, Clean Slate, and Coneflower Creamery, with more dining and services coming soon! HELLO Apartments opened in 2022 and is the first of a variety of housing options in the neighborhood.

A long-term goal for Millwork Commons is to strengthen Omaha’s urban core and help define the city as a culturally vibrant and inclusive place. Public art and dynamic public spaces are essential components of the community.

The development of Millwork Commons is led by Paul and Annette Smith of Black Dog Management, an investment firm focused on strategic partnerships in real estate and property investments in Omaha’s urban core with a belief in making inspiring places to live, work, connect, explore, and unwind. We are passionate about creating an inclusive community. We believe diversity drives innovation and better solutions, so we are building a culture where differences, multiple approaches, and points of view are encouraged, supported, and valued. We embrace diversity and partner with organizations and individuals who do the same.

Future Development

Mastercraft building


Offices and studio spaces for small businesses, nonprofits, and artists.


Ashton building


Three floors of innovative office space. Archetype Coffee, Kros Strain Draft Works, Clean Slate Food Co., Hutch home furnishings, and public community space on main floor.


HELLO Apartments

HELLO Apartments:

173 units ranging from studio to 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in the heart of the neighborhood. Paired with a fitness center, parking garage, courtyard, and rooftop deck. Ground floor retail and offices are also available, now leasing.


Dizzy Mule Apartments

Dizzy Mule Apartments

Future five-story apartment development and retail with enclosed parking and a mix of upscale studio, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments.


City Parking Garage

600-stall parking garage, with ground floor retail.

Office or Residential Mixed-use Development

Office and Parking Garage

Potential Apartments or Office Space

Mixed-use Space

Residential and Townhomes

Residential and Townhomes

Residential and Townhomes

Dizzy Mule Apartments

Disbrow Block

Three-story historic warehouse with original wood floors and ceilings will be renovated for innovative office space with retail on first floor.

What We Value

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We seek to eliminate barriers and create opportunities to help achieve a more equitable future for people in the community. We believe diversity drives innovation and better solutions, so we are building an inclusive community and culture where differences, multiple approaches, and points of view are respected, supported, and valued. We value diversity and partner with organizations and individuals who do the same.


We seek creative ideas and solutions, take risks, and work toward continuous improvement by trying new approaches. We encourage curiosity and lifelong learning.


We foster collaboration among people and organizations, across all disciplines.


We don’t wait for change to happen, we initiate it. We seek to propel Omaha towards a more innovative, equitable, and sustainable future.


It is our responsibility to address the threat of climate change. We do this through responsible design and by creating regenerative systems that minimize harm to the environment and benefit the community and the natural world. Check out our current sustainability initiatives.


We encourage people who work, live, and visit the neighborhood to give it personality and make it their own. We support local entrepreneurs who are bringing original, high-quality food and drink, shops, and services to the neighborhood.

Intentional Design

We approach design with thought, intention, and input from the community to build environments that support business and inspire people.

Millwork Commons Advisory Council

In 2020, we formed an Advisory Council of business and community leaders who are as passionate about making Omaha an even better city as we are. Our advisors have expertise across industries, community needs, and our neighborhood. They provide the Millwork Commons team with diverse perspectives and guidance, especially on major initiatives and long-term strategy.

Tim Barry

Cofounder, Hot Shops

Karen Borchert

CEO & Founder, Alpaca

Dell Gines

Vice President, International Economic Development Council

Osuman Issaka

CEO & President, The Simple Foundation

Angel Starks

Director of Learning and Development, Spark CDI

Linda Twomey

Executive Director, Siena Francis House

Albert Varas

Executive Director, Latino Center of the Midlands

Nancy Williams

Executive Director, No More Empty Pots

Our History of Innovators

This neighborhood has been known for innovation since the first bricks were laid more than 130 years ago. And it will continue to be an authentic and diverse blend of innovators, creators and residents that help build the fabric of our community.