Stories • December 29, 2022

Millwork Year in Review 2022

We did a lot, tried new things, and collaborated with some amazing community partners. This end-of-year recap just touches the surface of all the things happening in this growing neighborhood. Thanks for your support, interest, and time spent in Millwork...

Art • September 30, 2022

Pizza Party, A Mural Celebration

New art alert! Have you seen the new murals around the exterior of HELLO Apartments? The title of the mural series is Pizza Party, so naturally we’re having party! 🍕 Stop by to meet some of the artists as...

Stories • August 6, 2022

Millwork Conversations Presented By Google | Borris Powell

A gathering point for Omaha’s creators, innovators, artists, thought leaders and activators. Millwork Conversations is a happy hour chat between Omaha’s creators, innovators, artists, thought leaders and activators. Millwork Conversations will provide an opportunity to learn from people across communities...

Stories • July 25, 2022

Open Omaha | Aug 6-7

Open Omaha, facilitated by Omaha by Design, is the community’s chance to catch a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating buildings and spaces that shape our city. This August 6 – 7 from 10 am - 5 pm, join dozens of local businesses, historic landmarks, sacred...

Stories • April 15, 2022

Millwork Connect

Join us in Millwork Commons for a day of food, new friends, performances, and shopping! Millwork Connect is a showcase of the Omaha community’s diverse talents and experiences. It’s part street fair mixed with meaningful discussions on local art, design,...

News • April 5, 2022

An Uncommon Revitalization Happening in Omaha

Olsson: The long-term goal for Millwork Commons is to strengthen Omaha’s urban core and add a culturally vibrant and inclusive space for creators, innovators, and the community. Located near 13th and Nicholas streets, the project includes retail, residential, and office space...

Art • March 8, 2022

You Could Sunbathe in this Storm

Video Wall Art Feature February - April You Could Sunbathe in this Storm by Alice Dunseath In collaboration with Joslyn Art Museum, Millwork Commons is currently featuring a piece by Alice Dunseath on the Video Wall in The Dock. Inspired...

Stories • January 25, 2022

A Year in Review 2021


Art • January 9, 2022

Northern Reflections

"Northern Reflections" is a mosaic mural created by Omaha-based artists Patty Talbert and Rachel Ziegler. Talbert’s vibrant geometric painting is the backdrop for a colorful mosaic made of glass, mirror, and tractor parts reclaimed from a decommissioned implement shop in...

Art • January 5, 2022

Envision Omaha

What is the Omaha of your dreams?   This is a question we ask ourselves often. We got the chance to ask the community this question during last year's Hutchfest, a makers' market that brought in 8,000+ attendees in 2021....

Stories • December 8, 2021

Events in Store: 2022

By Natalie Wallace PJ Morgan Event Management Events Director, Millwork Commons As the Millwork Commons neighborhood continues to grow and develop, so does its community. We want the people who work, live, and hang out here to feel connected, engaged,...

Stories • September 30, 2021

Our Goals for Sustainability

Earlier this year, we told you that Millwork Commons is busy working on a comprehensive sustainability plan with our partner Verdis Group as well as all of our partners who are helping to create the district. We’re excited to share...

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